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Who were the members of the Brotherhood of the Moon?

In the Forgotten Realms, on Toril, members of the Brotherhood have been active across the 4th Age up until the Spellplague hit, a little more than a century ago. After that cataclysmic event, they were never heard from again. Nobody knows who they were, or what became of their treasures.

A young noble, Esper Vardalis, has discovered that the Brotherhood of the Moon was originally founded in the Feywild, tasked to be artifact hunters thousands of years ago. Following leads found at the Seelie Court, and sponsored by a very wealthy family from Belabranta, he has decided to investigate further in Toril.

After a year spent on the Prime Material Plane, in Silverymoon, sponsoring further research there, he has returned to Belabranta with a precious artefact and information, as well as the confirmation that the Brotherhood of the Moon was not just a legend. He brought back a strange alabaster moon mask and a collection of notes about a magical armor created by a mysterious gnome named Kwalish, and lost in a forgotten place named Daoine Gloine that the Brotherhood was not able to recover before they disappeared.

He is now sponsoring an expedition to find out more about the place, hiring a group of adventurers to find out more.

Forgotten Realms

This campaign is focused on the events surrounding the end of the 4th Age of Forgotten Realms and the beginning of the 5th Age. This campaign picks up early in the year 1489 DR, all Forgotten Realms events before 1488DR being canon history.

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Brotherhood of the Moon